Timothy Hu

Cheyenne, WY

E-Mail: thu “at” gyan.com


Software/Firmware/Hardware Engineer

Dependable, hardworking, and adaptable Software and Hardware Engineer with 20+ years of an extraordinary blend of software/firmware and hardware industry knowledge is seeking a position at a leading high-tech company where technical, mentoring, collaboration, and leadership skills will be utilized to the fullest.

Has strong software/firmware/hardware development background and ability to work effectively with people and other teams. Proven ability to assimilate and quickly employ new technologies. Able to convey technical concepts in clear terms; committed to success of the organization. Creative, determined, and can work independently without direction; enjoys mentoring.

÷ Depth and Breadth of Relevant Experience

÷ Excellent Multitasking & Organizational Skills

÷ Concise Communication and Collaboration Skills

÷ Creative Problem Solver/Decision Maker

÷ Superb Leadership & Interpersonal Dexterity

÷ Well-Rounded with Experience in Other Disciplines

Professional Experience

Gyan Technologies/Snowy Range Instruments/Metrohm/Welldog/Takata, etc, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Design Manager/Firmware-Hardware-Software-Electrical Engineer / Principal

÷  Develop system software, embedded hardware and firmware for clients.

÷  Led firmware development of Raman Spectrometers using embedded CPUs, Xilinx CPLDs. Wrote bare-metal “OS” for same. (Downhole oil well spectroscopy instrument). Extensive use of logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, etc.

÷  Principal/Lead Linux Embedded Engineer: Used Embedded Linux and MQX concurrently on the same platform in ARM multi-core (A5 + M4) environment. Utilized Schematic Capture / PCB layout tools to develop various PCBs.

÷  Developed encryption to secure IP rights in hand-held ARM Linux devices and assisted others to deploy it. Wrote encryption applications utilizing accelerated hardware (C), on Linux, and on Windows (Python).

÷  Wrote firmware and assisted designing hardware for Human-tissue non-invasive Alcohol Detection system for automotive industry. Distributed-CPU environment controlling laser array. Integrated SD Cards, I2S, CAN Bus, LIN, SPI, etc. Configure ADCs, DACs, amplifiers, TEC Coolers, etc. Interface with MEMS devices. Power supply control.

÷  Wrote firmware and assisted hardware design for automotive HMI. Developed controls for reading various sensors with haptic feedback, MEMS Devices, etc in real time in a distributed-CPU environment for major automotive manufacturers.

÷  Incorporate ARM SOMs and touchscreens  into medical products. Develop custom Yocto Uboot and Linux images.

÷  Clients in Automotive, Oil and Gas, Scientific, Defense, Bio-Medical, Law Enforcement, and Security.

÷  Developed control adapters (hardware and firmware) for actuators at major biomedical firm using quadrature decoders, steppers, etc. Developed C#.Net R&D applications for control. Utilized galvanometers and steppers to precisely position mirrors for lasers. Use PID control techniques to control Peltier Coolers, current draw, temperature, etc.

÷  Utilize knowledge of Verilog and FPGAs to develop and debug real-time systems.

÷  Control CCD and laser devices using SOC (System-On-Chip), high-speed UARTS, SPI, I2C, ADCs, DACs, etc.

÷  Work closely with other engineers to specify, develop, debug, and test systems.

÷  Integrated touchscreen LCD panels, LED backlight controllers, Flash File Systems on microSD cards, and mobile phone camera into instrument for DoD. Wrote software to control same.

÷  Develop inter-processor communications via dual-port RAM by directly manipulating MMU tables and registers.

÷  Developed embedded GUIs using QT5 and QT Creator.

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking, Fort Collins, Colorado / Cheyenne, Wyoming

Systems/Software Engineer V and SW Engr QA III

÷  Led successful development and deployment of Cloud built on VMware ESX/Labman and HP’s Servers, and storage arrays to auto-provision, auto-deploy and manage clusters in the cloud.

÷  Architect of Automation Testing Infrastructure ("AI"). Used for testing the HP iBRIX Storage Array products in both clouds and physical machine clusters. This became the official testing infrastructure for the HP Storage Division. Written using Perl, Python, C, C++. Supports harnesses and test scripts written in using Perl, Python, C, C++, shell (bash), Java.. Integrated with company-wide Quality tool, QC / ALM, for manager and VP reporting.

÷  Wrote facilities to automatically write results to MySQL, email reports, schedule deployments, etc. Designed high level description file formats for provisioning abstraction, testing,

÷  Assisted QA Developers to migrate their test harnesses to the AI. Review scripts and suites written by other developers

÷  Created automated Windows parallel build environment to work in virtual machines (Cygwin and Microsoft compilers). This allowed product builds to be completely automated for multiple developers simultaneously.

÷  Developed Fault Injection facilities (Ethernet switch, power, etc via SNMP) and automated bare-metal OS installation facilities. This made it easy for developers to do their fault tests.

÷  Assisted in design and coding of the AI GUI (JavaScript / Eclipse / ExtJS framework / Catalyst / RESTful)

÷  Wrote extensive documentation for both users and developers. Critiqued others’ documentation for release.

÷  Mentored junior engineers and new/incoming team members. Had constant collaboration with team members and other teams in throughout US and India. Gave technology presentations.

÷  Set up and tested SAN/NAS arrays. Config iSCSI disks to Linux systems. Collaborated with other developers to review test scripts and suites.

÷  Set up and tested performance of InfiniBand network for iBRIX cluster using InfiniBand switches. Setup and administer team development and testing servers.

÷  Developed Kickstart (PXE Boot scripts/configurations for bare metal installation automation) configs for Linux and Windows OSes for various HP teams and helped them deploy them Release Management and Linux RPM packaging. Installed and administered Bugzilla for the team.

Broadcom  / Precision Tech, Fort Collins, Colorado.


÷  Ported Linux kernel to ARM CPU (ARM926EJ-S). Boot from flash, execute in place (XIP). Used GCC toolchain, Eclipse IDE, RVI, hardware debuggers and emulators, etc. Directly manipulate the ARM CPU’s MMU tables and system registers.

÷  Board Bringup from bare metal to operational Linux command line.

÷  Create Linux embedded systems with optical drive boot (no hard drive). Incorporated graphics, etc onto read-only filesystem. During boot, system converted to read/write in-memory filesystem on the fly.

Covidien/Medtronic,Longmont, Colorado / Cheyenne, WY.

Senior Firmware Engineer (Contractor

÷  Reviewed embedded multi-cpu firmware according to Coviden’s coding standards for their Tumor Ablation Products.

Hewlett-Packard, Fort Collins, Colorado

Test Engineer

÷  Linux embedded systems programming, qualification, and testing on x86/x64, ARM CPU systems, and CPU blades.

÷  Develop tests in Perl/Expect/C/bash. Develop user interface for PXEbooting of various operating systems.

÷  Qualify/verify that vendors’ ATCA components (Shelf Managers, Ethernet Switches, PEMs, Chassis, CPU blades, etc) conform to PCMIG specifications and interoperate with each other.

÷  Found numerous defects in vendors’ ATCA components and reported these in HP’s internal ABE Defect Tracking System.

÷  Setup/Provide necessary internal Linux infrastructure to support tests.

Syndrome Corporation, Fort Collins, Colorado / Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Design Manager / Principal

÷  Develop FPGA configurations using Verilog for Xilinx / Altera FPGAs and CPLDs (e.g. Spartan, Virtex, and Stratix)

÷  Develop custom hardware from circuit design to PCB layout and fabrication to RTL code.

÷  Worked with customers from concept to functional specifications, prototype, final testing, and production runs.

÷  Design with various microcontrollers (8051, MicroBlaze, ARM, Nios II, etc) in embedded designs.

Shuffle Master, Inc, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Senior Firmware and Test Engineer

÷  Developed in-house tool that reduced one month of manual testing into an overnight testing session. Develop Linux systems to simulate environment to facilitate rapid-build tests. Did same for real hardware environment.

÷  Developed automated build and test/verification systems for company's embedded hardware using Linux

÷  Designed new embedded code implementations and test/verify same.

The Wyoming Operation, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Director, Network Operations / Senior Systems Analyst / Manager / Principal

÷  Develop, and implement in-house networks using Cisco Routers for ISP. Set up security, etc. DSL and main internet access for the entire company. Utilized router facilities such as RADIUS, BGP, ATM, AAA, TACACS, access lists, etc.

÷  Develop admin tools and cgi-bin scripts in Perl, bash, etc. Debug and fix Linux device drivers.

÷  Designed and implemented extensive Linux web-based automated user administrative and billing system.

÷  Develop system monitoring tools. Modified, installed, and maintained SNMP network monitoring tools for staff.

÷  Install and administer Apache and Microsoft IIS, ftp, email, and DNS servers. Developed a small number of websites.

÷  Coordinate with other ISPs and telco for remote leased connections

Education and Certifications: M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Wyoming. B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering (Chemical Engineering Minor – undeclared), University of Wyoming. Passed the E.I.T. (F.E.). ASTQB / ISTQB Certified Tester, Foundation Level (CTFL); Agile Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

 Hardware Tools, PCB Tools, CPUs, Databases, Compilers, etc.: Various software/firmware development frameworks, PCB/schematic tools, compilers, IDEs, debuggers (software and hardware), source code control systems, numerous Linux/Unix utilities, logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, SPI, I2C, I2S, QSPI, etc, OpenStack and OpenNebula installation, setup, admin, etc (personal experiments), MySQL, Sybase, x86, x86_64, many ARM variants, 8051 variants, , Xilinx, Altera, Vivado, ISE, Quartus, Cypress PSoC, Maxim/Dallas etc, C/C++, Perl, Python, some Java, Linux shell scripting, Cisco IOS (Configuration, etc), OpenStack and OpenNebula (IaaS – personal experiments), numerous real time OSes, various Linux distros (embedded and desktop), VMWare (including Labman, Workstation, ESX), Verilog,

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